About The School

About The School

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) is a full-scope system of yoga, formulated by Yogani, a long-term yoga practitioner and author. Integrating hatha yoga practices with raja yoga, kundalini yoga and tantra, AYP covers all of the eight limbs of yoga. The system includes practices that can be taken on by people who are new to yoga. Practices are then gradually added until the practitioner has built up an advanced level yoga practice.

Effects of The Practices

The purification of the body and mind at the subtle level, brings the practitioner into an ecstatic state of living. It also creates a sense of peace and bliss, which are the cornerstones of yoga.

Many people ask if they are ready to take on a full-scope yoga practice. The truth is that anyone who feels ready and has the desire to take these practices on, can do so. The techniques are not difficult to learn, all we need is the desire and dedication to learn them and allow them to transform our lives.

Accessing The Knowledge

All of the AYP practices are explained in detail in over 400 lessons written by Yogani. The school also publishes many books on yoga by Yogani. There are hundreds of additions to the main lessons which are available on the AYP Plus site.

AYP retreats take place every year in different countries around the world.  There is also a public support forum and a private support forum on AYP Plus, where you can get advice on your practice, as you progress.

AYP is a Registered Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance, with teacher training courses taking place twice a year. 

Studying on TTC

Overview of AYP

A Short Online Video Course

Teacher: Tristan Dorling

Language: English 

Cost: Free

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes of video (15 videos)

This short online course provides an overview of the different aspects of the AYP system. 

“The term ‘ecstatic conductivity’ is an expression that came to me many years ago to describe my own experience, which was similar to the experiences you are starting to have. It is the awakening of kundalini, and we also use the terminology relating to kundalini to describe them. Each tradition has its own language for experience. In our modern era, as we are able to understand such changes as an awakening of the latent capacities of our nervous system, we can describe it as an increase in conductivity in the electrical circuits (nerves) of our body. This is what it is all about. And it’s nice, as you point out. The pleasure continues to grow as the conductivity increases, and I would even add to exceed any human understanding. That’s why we can call it ‘ecstatic’ conductivity, and that’s what it is.

“Why is this happening to you now, and where is it taking you? Well, now’s the time for you, you know. You do powerful practices every day, and the time is right for your nervous system to open up. It is like a second puberty that happens to so many of us when we begin our journey in the relationship of divine love that happens in us and that leads us to unity, to enlightenment.”