Learning Resources

Use our learning resources to explore different ways in which the Advanced Yoga Practices theory can be accessed. Expand your knowledge and enhance your Yoga experience. 

Dive into lessons, books, podcasts, commentaries etc.

Main Lessons on the AYP Practices

Lessons on meditation, pranayama, mudras, bandhas, asana, samyama and jnana yoga, by Yogani

Commentaries on Yoga

Commentaries on various aspects of yoga practice, by Tristan


Podcasts on different aspects of the path, by Tristan


Complete selection of books about the Advanced Yoga Practices, by Yogani

Main Practices of The AYP System

Guide to the eight limbs of yoga.


Regular updates on our AYP events and programmes. 

AYP Support Forum

Live, personalised support from yoga mentors. 

AYP Plus

AYP Plus is a subscription website. It contains all of the main lessons and lesson additions, plus many lessons in audio mode. All of the AYP books are available to read on the site and to listen to. There is also a private support forum.


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