Audio Podcasts

Podcasts by Tristan Dorling on Spotify on the process of spiritual awakening. You can also find many of them on Apple podcasts by clicking here or YouTube by clicking here. 

How to Deal with a Painful Kundalini Awakening: Podcast (16 mins)

What is Kundalini?: Podcast (12 minutes)

Experiencing bliss and sadness at the same time? Podcast (6 mins)

What is Amrita? Podcast (8 mins)

Is Neo-Advaita teaching dangerous? Podcast (15 mins) 

A simple inquiry practice into the objects of consciousness. Podcast (10 mins)

Why does meditation seem to get more difficult after a few years of practice? Podcast (9 mins)

Why is asana practice a part of yoga, and what does it do? Podcast (15 mins)