Online Events

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP): Online Events

Regular online retreats focussing on different topics of yoga

Online Events have been suspended, whilst Tristan is travelling In Thailand, India and Nepal. They will be announced here when they begin again.

About The Online Events

The retreats are made up of several sessions over the retreat period, and the timetable will be sent to you close to the scheduled date. 

You will need to have an internet connection and Zoom (any device is appropriate). Only the basic version of Zoom is needed.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can practice asana in, as well as meditation. You will need a yoga mat and a sitting cushion if you want one. You can also use back support if needed during the meditation and pranayama sessions.

It is good to join each class a few minutes early, so that we can start each class on time, and if class handouts are used, they are sent by email as PDF’s. 

It is good to set aside the time for the practices and to have a quiet place at home to practice in. 


“Hi Tristan, thank you for giving the retreats and in the way that you do. Over the years I’ve experienced quite a few teachers, and the ones that are best received are the ones that are kind. You are that….

If nothing else the self pacing concept has changed my life… As you mentioned…  there needs to be balance…  I’ll make it short and just saying you’re doing good work and I appreciate your… willingness to help all of us.” [P.C.]



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