Public AYP Lessons

by Yogani

Upward facing dog

Public Main Lessons

There are over 400 lessons on yoga available on the main AYP website, covering many aspects of yoga. The lessons have been writen by Yogani. The early lessons will introduce you to the practices of meditation and pranayama, whilst the more advanced lessons will cover topics such as Self-inquiry and samadhi.

The best way to approach the lessons if you are new to AYP, is to start at the beginning (lesson 10) and proceed from there. 

Public Tantra Lessons

There are 80 Public lessons on Tantra by Yogani available on the main AYP site. These mostly focus on the subject of Brahmacharya, as the preservation and cultivation of sexual energy upwards through the body. They also cover the process of the inner energetic awakening which leads to ecstasy.

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra. A diagramatical representation of the subtle nervous system.

Ghats on Ganges

Ghats on the river Ganges, India

Lesson Additions

Hundreds of additions to the lessons are available on the AYP Plus site for both the Main lessons and the Tantra lessons. 

AYP Plus is a subscription site. 

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