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About AYP Plus

AYP Plus is an online subscriptions resource to help deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga through detailed technique instruction, main lesson additions, illustrations, audio, video, and much more. This subscription service has benefitted many thousands of people since 2015.

The goal of AYP Plus is to make the practice and techniques of AYP accessible to many more people, and provide personalized support on practices and experiences for people at all levels, through the private AYP Plus forum. 

Benefits of AYP Plus

  • All AYP Books in read-online mode
  • All AYP Audiobooks online
  • Over 400 Main Lessons
  • Over 80 Tantra Lessons
  • Hundreds of Lesson Additions
  • Private Support Forum
  • Topic Index
  • Yogani’s Radio Interviews
  • Illustrations
  • Video Demonstrations of practices
  • Information Charts
  • Translations into over 100 languages on the Lessons, Books, and Support Forum through Google Translate

About The Author

Yogani is a long time practitioner of advanced yoga practices. Since the early 1970s he has crossed the lines between many traditions, developing an effective integration of methods. It is a flexible, scientific approach rather than a rigid, arbitrary one.

He has no desire for guru status – only to have the joy of making a small contribution to helping the disciplines of effective spiritual practice become open to everyone. He wishes to remain anonymous, preserving a quiet life in practices. AYP is not about the author. It is about all who long for knowledge.

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How To Join

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