AYP Retreats include the practices of Asana (postures), Mantra Meditation, Spinal Breathing Pranayama and Samyama as well as other yogic practices.

No previous experience of yoga is necessary to come on a retreat. Full instructions on practice are given. The retreats are intensives, with around 5-hours of classes each day. 

Dartmoor, Devon, U.K.

Wednesday 8th to Sunday 12th June, 2022

5-day AYP Retreat on Dartmoor, England

Retreat leader: Tristan Dorling 

Language: English

Old bridge on Dartmoor

What to expect on retreat

Retreats give us the opportunity to go deeper into our practice than we can in daily life and to cultivate stillness and silence in a more profound way.

None of the yoga or meditation sessions are compulsory, so it is possible to practice at whatever pace suits you. Practices include asanas, Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Deep Meditation and Samyama, with several sessions a day. There are also Satsang sessions, which are an opportunity to ask questions on yoga and to gain an understanding of yogic philosophy.

Swiss Alps

No previous experience of yoga is necessary to come on a residential retreat, as all the practices will be taught whilst you are there.

All food on retreat is vegetarian and other special diets such as vegan or gluten free etc. can be catered for if you let us know at least two-weeks in advance.

Reviews from past retreats

“The whole retreat was beautiful. The practises were easy to follow and had a really powerful effect. By the end of the weekend I felt like I'd done some really deep energetic work and feel inspired to continue a regular meditation practise. Tristan and Amandine were really laid back, knowledgeable and kind. The food cooked by Sally was amazing - perfect nourishment! And the location was just wonderful, so many lovely walks, places to swim in the river, and to hear the brook from my bedroom at night was very relaxing. Thank you!!”
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Amy Glanville
United Kingdom
“This was my first AYP yoga retreat. I really enjoyed it, instruction from both instructors was good and clear, vegetarian and vegan food was amazing by the cooking fairy! Workshop was good and helped me understand more about AYP yoga. Will definitely go back."
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Bev Pinnell
United Kingdom
“What a great retreat… , it was intensive but very beautiful for the soul. The practitioners were from all walks of life, reminding me that seekers are all around us, if we only open our hearts to ask or smile. The food was exceptional, the place stunning and peaceful . It will remain with me forever and I took many teachings away with me. There is a great fellowship in practicing together with a worthy teacher. I would encourage anybody to attend at whatever point you are at in your path.”
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Sujata Mathurs
United Kingdom
“I just wanted to thank you for yet another lovely retreat weekend.  It really helps to keep me on track and motivated in my practice.  I feel blessed to have found a true teacher, and the opportunity to take time out to deepen my practice with a great group of people.  Your wonderful work inspires and encourages those around you…”
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“Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience last weekend. We loved every moment. As total newbies we had a lot to learn and embraced each moment. It has left us with amazing memories and a different approach to life.”
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United Kingdom
“It were special days, time for practice, for beautiful experiences, and a good brisk walk. Time to reflect, time for questions and answers, time for silence and good laughs. Lovely to be there in good company of likewise souls.”
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“Inner silence is something that we start to feel at some point along the way. In reality, it’s always there, it’s just that we’re usually too busy noticing other things, like thoughts or sense objects. But as the mind begins to calm down through spiritual practices, we begin to realize that even when things are present in the mind, such as thoughts, emotions, or sensations, they still exist inside and are surrounded by peacefullness and silence. In fact, the stillness and the silence of the mind are as vast as the ocean, and the mental objects and the objects of the senses simply come and go in this silence. Gradually stillness and silence come more to the foreground of our experience and objects of the senses and mental objects appear more in the background. Inner silence becomes our foundation and our natural way of operating in the world.” ~ Tristan