Eco-Tourism on Koh Tao Island

Protecting the natural beauty of our ecosystem

All our retreats are held in beautiful, nature-filled resorts. However, protecting the natural ecosystem is at the top of our priorities when visiting such a stunning place. Tourism is often a damaging factor in these places so please take the time to learn how to best protect the natural beauty. 

What You Can Do To Help

Take a Reusable Bottle 

Avoid using single-use plastic bottles, or single-use glass bottles. 

Save Water

Turn off the taps when brushing your teeth, and take showers instead of baths to save on water consumption. 

Take a Reusable Straw

Use metal reusable straws where available to avoid using plastic straws. 

Buy things without plastic packaging

Excessive (or ideally any) plastic packaging should be avoided when purchasing items. 

Don’t use flippers

When snorkeling, don’t use flippers, as these can damage the coral reefs.

Use the Right Products

Use non-toxic sunscreen as to not harm the fish and corals in the ocean.

What The Venue Does To Help

Helping Re-establish Coral Reefs 

Around the island there are a number of coral reefs that are essential to the ecosystem of our ocean. The venue is taking part in experiments to help increase the rate of growth of the corals. This will help to re-establish them to their former beauty. 

Raising Sea Turtles 

Part of the work they do to aid is catching sea turtles and raising them in safe, nurturing environments, until an age where they are more likely to survive in the ocean. Around 99% of sea turtles do not survive the first few days of life.

Clearing Rubbish

The rubbish that is left on the beaches and in the ocean is detrimental to the wildlife that inhabits it. Workers from the venue help to clear the rubbish, and dispose of it in a safe and eco-friendly way.