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Lesson 110 - Romantic Love

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From: Yogani
Date: Fri Feb 6, 2004 0:49pm

Q: What would be effective yoga practices to STOP feeling romantic love for someone?

A: If it is an infatuation, it should pass. If it is an obsession, then daily practices discussed so far (particularly meditation) will gradually help you to transform it to something more evolutionary. If it is a sexual addiction that is holding you back, then, if you haven’t already, see the techniques given in the tantra lessons at:

AYP Tantra Directory – Lessons in Tantra, Meditation, Pranayama, Kundalini

If it is pure love for someone, I would not recommend stopping it. Better to let it expand to divine dimensions through sitting practices, bhakti and loving service.

If the other you love is harming you, then keep in mind that real love is wise and strong and can say, “No.”

If your love is unrequited, then let it redirect through bhakti, expand, and flow out to those in need around you. Expanding love knows no boundaries and expects nothing in return.

There is nothing wrong with romantic love if it is expanded to divine romance. Enlightenment is a neverending divine romance inside, overflowing with love everywhere.

The guru is in you.

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