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Lesson 95 - Stabilizing Ecstasy

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From: Yogani
Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 4:07pm

Q: I can’t begin to express how much I am enjoying the practices and I have held at siddhasana for now because I feel so much bliss and at times incredible energy surges as if my whole body pulsates! My whole outlook is bliss. I see god the universal being at times everywhere. today driving, i felt so good, i felt as if i should scream out the window and tell everyone i love them and to join the practices-i had to dance when i got home.… Now my question is do I hold where i am and just enjoy, or do I add on the other practices? I don’t want to stimulate the kundalini too much so she gets angry with me. right now i feel the bliss connection somedays stronger somedays only lightly.

A: I’m very happy to hear things are going so well.

Given your sensitivity (wonderful!), it would be a good idea to bide your time at the level you are at for a month or two. Maybe more. You have taken on a lot in a very short time. Give things a chance to even out. Make sure practices and daily activity continue smoothly. The big rushes of ecstasy have to do with purification. It is the fun part of house cleaning, but it is still house cleaning. In time, there will be less friction in the nervous system and the ecstasy will become refined, like a quiet divine smile forever radiating outward from inside you — very peaceful and very powerful.

You will know you are ready for the next step when the level you are at becomes steady without so many big rushes. Yoni mudra kumbhaka is very powerful, and you want to be sure you are stable before getting into it. When you do, start slow, maybe with only one or two repetitions per session, and see how it goes. Be very measured with it, as there can be a delayed reaction with kumbhaka. Feel your way along according to your own capacity.

As for telling others about the lessons, by all means do so if you feel this is good stuff. This unorthodox approach of open transmission of advanced yoga practices will grow only if many come on to it and find good success. Then who will be able to question the validity of it? It is really a test of how ready we all are for wide open spiritual science, where everyone can sit in their own driver’s seat. Time will tell.

The guru is in you.

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