A Y P Yoga  with Tristan Dorling


AYP 200-hour Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

Teacher Training course

Baan Talay, Koh Tao, Thailand

25th September - 23rd October 2018

Note: This course has been completed

The venue

    Baan Talay is a beautiful yoga retreat centre located on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. The centre has a newly built yoga hall which is open to the ocean on two sides. Accommodation is in luxury rooms (AC and non-AC) and in glamping-style tents. The dining room also overlooks the ocean. Steps lead down to the sea for swimming and snorkelling.

About the course

    The focus of the training is on qualifying teachers to be able to teach asanas (postures), Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Deep Meditation practice, Samyama and mudras and bandhas.

    The course will also cover many other aspects of yoga, from subtle anatomy to advanced pranayama practices and from yoga philosophy to self-inquiry (advaita).  The yoga will be full-scope, covering all eight limbs of yoga.

    The course covers both practice and theory, with 3 or 4 hours of practice each day and 2 or 3 hours of theory classes each day. Practice classes will include asana, pranayama, meditation and samyama. There will be one day off each week.

    The course will be taught in the English language. The curriculum we will be following has been approved by the Yoga Alliance. There will be a maximum of 24 people on this course.Course Teachers

Course Curriculum

    The course will focus as much on the development of personal practice, as on tuition and teaching practice.  

    Many  aspects of yoga will be covered, including some of the most subtle and effective aspects of yoga practice.

The full course curriculum can be found here:Course curriculum


    Food on the course will be vegetarian prepared by the Thai and Burmese cooks. Special diets such as vegan, gluten free and sugar free can be catered for if you let us know in advance.


    We will be running several boat trips during the course to visit other parts of the island and go snorkelling to see some of the amazing underwater world that surrounds the island. Koh Tao is one of the most famous dive islands in the world and the corals and tropical fish are abundant all around the island.  

Who can take this course?

    To enrol for this course you will need to have been practising yoga for at least a year, including breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation practice.  If you are not sure if you would qualify to take this course, contact Devrim at:  newheavendiveschool@gmail.com.


    Upon completion of the course, participants will become qualified as a yoga teacher and will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). All of the training will be covered on the course and qualifications will be awarded at the end of the course.


    Accommodation will be in luxury huts and in luxury tents. There are two types of hut, AC and Fan and the huts have their own bathrooms.

    The luxury tent accommodation will be “Glamping style”. All tents are already set up and have electricity, air-conditioning cooling units, private bathrooms, balcony areas and views over the ocean.

    Unless you are sharing with a friend, all shared tents are either male or female.  


    The cost of the course depends on the accommodation you choose. The cost includes accommodation, food, all of the teaching and materials and the weekly boat trips and excursions.  

    Seaview suite AC single :                            Thai Baht   122,640     

    Seaview suite AC double occupancy:         Thai Baht   105,840     

    Seaview hut Fan single:                              Thai Baht   104,265   

    Seaview hut Fan double occupancy :         Thai Baht   95,130       

    1 person luxury tent :                                  Thai Baht   92,085      

    2 person luxury tent (per person):              Thai Baht   92,085       

    3 person luxury tent (per person):              Thai Baht   82,950       

    4 person luxury tent (per person):              Thai Baht   82,950       

    Prices are per person. A non-refundable deposit of 13,000 Thai Baht is required to reserve a place on this course. The balance is then due three months before the course starts. Payments can be made through credit/ debit card payment or bank transfer.

    To view the prices in your local currency you can use this currency translator.


    Contact me if you would like to book a place on this course.

Getting there and away

    The nearest international airport is on Koh Samui. From there it is a 2.5 hour ferry trip to Koh Tao. It is also possible to fly to Surat Thani on the mainland and take the ferry from there to Koh Tao.

    Full details for travelling to Koh Tao can be found on Devrim’s website here.

Frequently asked questions :

Does this course lead to an international Yoga Teacher qualification?

Why is this course different from other Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

How are the course participants assessed?

Is all of the training completed on the course?

Is there a recommended reading list for the course?


    If you have any questions about the Yoga Teacher Training Course that are not answered above, you can contact me here.

Daily schedule

    Tuesday 25th September

2:00 pm -4:00 pm          Arrival

5:00 pm                           First class: asana, pranayama,                                             meditation, samyama

7:00 pm                           Dinner

    26th September to 9th October

05:30 am                         Wake up bell

06:00-07:35 am             Asana, pranayama,                                          meditation and samyama

07:45-8:35 am                Pranayama, meditation and samyama

09:15 -10:15 am              Morning lecture

10:30 am                         Brunch

2:00 pm -3:00 pm          Afternoon lecture / subject class

3:20 pm- 4:10 pm          Asana class

4:10 pm - 5:00 pm         Pranayama, meditation and samyama

5:30 pm                           Dinner

7:00 pm                           Evening lecture/ questions and answers                                       

    10th October to 22nd October

05:30 am                         Wake up bell

06:00-07:35 am              Asana, pranayama, meditation and samyama

07:45-8:35 am                 Pranayama, meditation and samyama

09:15 -10:15 am               Morning lecture

10:30 am                          Brunch

2:00 pm  -3:00 pm        Asana class / teaching practice

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm        Pranayama, meditation and samyama/ teaching practice

4:10 pm - 5:00 pm        Pranayama, meditation and samyama

5:30 pm                           Dinner

7:00 pm                           Evening lecture/ questions and answers  

    23rd  October

05:30 am                         Wake up bell

06:00-07:30 am              Asana, pranayama, meditation and samyama

07:30 - 08.30 am             Brunch

08:30 - 11:00                   Farewells and departure

Days off

    One day each week will be free for people to relax or explore the island and we will be running boat trips and excursions on these days for anyone who wants to join.

     A meditation hall will also be available on the days off, for people to do their own yoga practice.



5 Stars

“Excellent teachers and teaching. I would certainly highly recommend this AYP teacher training.”

Isabelle: France


5 Stars

“This course was everything I had hoped and more. Full-scope yoga training taught by true yogis who were both available and approachable. Despite having studied yoga for many years prior to the course, I still learned a tremendous amount. It drew a diverse array of students from all over the world, a group that came to feel more like family than mere friends. My only regret was that it all had to end. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning to teach about all of the limbs of yoga.”

Richard: USA


5 stars

“Thanks to the instructors, staff, and fellow students on the AYP Teacher Training Course 2017. It was a privilege to know you all. You have made it possible for me to enjoy this course and I felt at home amongst people I could trust.”

Alain: Canada


5 Stars

“Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP)’s 200-hour teacher-training prepares its trainees to begin teaching the principles and techniques of yoga safely and competently.”

Wolfi: Austria


“Participating in the AYP Teacher Training Course was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, so intense emotionally and energetically. Meeting all these people from around the world (there were 13 different nationalities), each one was different but so special, sensitive, aware, caring, full of love ... You could feel a boundless bhakti! What a great human experience ... Discover what it was for everyone in our lives, how long we had practiced (9 years for some!), how we had arrived there, sharing our experiences and discussing the effects of practices. We did not know each other for the most part, but we had this strong connection through AYP.

From the first day, we felt like part of the same family. And our "Teachers"! All passionate (and therefore exciting) and open to share with us all their knowledge without restraint, each with his specialty.

Devrim: Pranayama, mudras / bandhas,

Alex: Asanas and more generally anatomy,

Tristan (Christi on the forum): Meditation, the subtle nervous system and its functioning.

Beyond the content of the training, we practiced a lot (3 to 4 sessions per day) and experienced for the most part a certain energy surcharge, generating a lot of laughs (sometimes collective!), and crying too. We shared strong moments together, which created a strong cohesion in the group. We left rich of lessons, meetings, and a foolproof bhakti .

If you have the opportunity to participate in one of the next training sessions AYP TTC, do not hesitate ...


Amandine: France


Click here for a full list of reviews from past students, on the Yoga Alliance website.