AYP Yoga and Meditation Retreat, Devon, United Kingdom

This retreat has been completed. For a list of upcoming retreats click here.

19th to 23rd October 2022

The Venue

This retreat will take place in Devon, South West England. The centre has been deliberately converted for retreats and is in a beautiful location in the Devon countryside.

The centre has a large yoga room, under-floor heating throughout, a sauna and wifi.  

Hills behind Eden Rise
The Yoga Hall AYP Retreat in Devon

The Yoga

  • Deep Meditation
  • Spinal Breathing Pranayama
  • Samyama
  • Mudras and bandhas
  • Asana
  • Self inquiry

There will be three practice sessions each day with full instruction given.

During this retreat we will cover these topics:

  • The way in which we can use meditation and pranayama to cultivate inner silence, leading to the experience of samadhi. This will include looking at the use of mantras in meditation.
  • The nature of bhakti (spiritual desire) and how we can use bhakti to speed up our progress on the spiritual path.
  • The use of silent mantras and the ways in which the different mantras work to purify the subtle nervous system.
  • We will also look at some of the  more advanced pranayama practices used in AYP including breath retentions (kumbhakas). 

Full instructions in practice will be given. The retreat will be led in English and will be suitable for people of all levels of experience.

There will be 30 minutes of karma yoga (service to others) each day. All yoga classes and meditation sessions are optional, so you can take the retreat at your own pace.

There will be a maximum of 16 people on this retreat.


Tristan Dorling

Tristan Dorling

Tristan began the practice of yoga in 1985 at school when he was 16 years old. At the age of 19 he travelled to the Himalayas to live in a Mahayana Buddhist monastery. This was really his first introduction to the higher teachings and to the spiritual life. He had his first awakening experience a year later after a meditation retreat in a Buddhist cave monastery in Thailand…

Alex Wales

Alex Wales

Alex first came to yoga through meditation, and this practice continues to provide the foundation of his yoga journey and the inspiration for his teaching. He sees the practice of yoga postures as a means to integrate the subtle transformative effects of meditation with the physical body creating space in life for peace, energy and creativity to arise.


Home made Bread
Salad dish

Food will be vegetarian. The food served will support a yoga and meditation practice. We can also cater for vegan diets and special diets such as dairy or gluten free, if you let us know in advance.

There will be two meals served each day (brunch and dinner) and fruits and hot drinks will be available all day.


Per person:

  • Female dormitory (max 6 people):   £480 per person   (available).
  • Male dormitory (max 6 people):   £480 per person  (available).
  • One place in a shared twin room (male):   £510 per person    (fully booked).
  • One place in a shared twin room (female):   £510 per person  (fully booked).
  • Shared twin rooms (couples):   £510 per person  (fully booked).
  • Single rooms:   £540   (fully booked).
  • Bringing your own campervan: £460 per person (available)

The price includes accommodation, food and all the yoga sessions. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure a place on the retreat. The remainder is then due one-month before the retreat starts. 

Dormitories for men and women are separate.  If you are coming on your own and staying in a shared twin room, then you will be sharing with someone of the same gender.

If you are staying in your own campervan, you will have access to the toilets and showers in the house.

Eden Rise field of sheep


Contact Tristan to book a place on this retreat. 

Once your place on the retreat has been confirmed, you can make payment here

Getting there and away

The nearest train station is Totnes which is 10 mins away by car or taxi. The nearest international airport is Exeter (45 mins) or Bristol (2 hours). 

Hill near Eden Rise
Eden Rise kitchen

Retreat schedule

Wednesday 19th October

15:00-16:00  arrival
16:30-18:00  asana, pranayama, meditation, samyama
18:30 dinner
20:00 – 21:00 evening talk followed by silent period until 09:30 the following morning.

Thursday 20th October to Saturday 22nd October

07:00-08:30    asana, pranayama, meditation, samyama
08:40-09:30    pranayama, meditation, samyama
10:00 brunch
11:00 – 15:00   free time/ walking/ personal practice

15:00 – 16:30  asana, pranayama, meditation,  samyama

16:45 – 17:40 pranayama, meditation,  samyama
18:00    dinner
19:30 – 20:30    evening talk/ questions and answers, followed by silent period until 09:30 the following morning.

Sunday 23rd October

07:00-08:30 asana, pranayama, meditation, samyama
09:30 breakfast
10:30-11:30 farewells and departures