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New Podcast: Why Practice Asana as Part of Yoga? I made this short podcast to answer the question: "Do we need to include an asana sequence as part of our yoga practice, or can we simply practice meditation? If we can only practice meditation, then what is the body missing out on by not including an asana sequence?". Auto-translate is available on the video. To make it work, first, turn on the subtitles in English (cc), then go to -Settings - Subtitles - Auto-translate - (Select the language). You can then drag-and-drop the subtitles around the screen. It is available to watch on YouTube here: Click here

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AYP retreat in La Drome, France, Photos

In September 2019, we held our first AYP retreat in France. The retreat was led by myself and Amandine Perrin. French was the primary teaching language, with Satsangs (yoga philosophy classes) being given in English with French translation. The retreat was held in La Drome, and people came from various regions of France and from Switzerland and Belgium. Here are a few photos taken during the retreat: 

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