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New Podcast: Why Practice Asana as Part of Yoga? I made this short podcast to answer the question: "Do we need to include an asana sequence as part of our yoga practice, or can we simply practice meditation? If we can only practice meditation, then what is the body missing out on by not including an asana sequence?". Auto-translate is available on the video. To make it work, first, turn on the subtitles in English (cc), then go to -Settings - Subtitles - Auto-translate - (Select the language). You can then drag-and-drop the subtitles around the screen. It is available to watch on YouTube here: Click here

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What is Amrita new podcast

This short podcast was made in answer to the question: "What is Amrita?" Amrita, or "nectar", is a famous substance in yoga, being experienced by both male and female yogis, who have been on the path for some time. It is related to inner spiritual purification and the gradual rise of ecstasy in the subtle nervous system (pranamayakosha). Watch on YouTube

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Fundraising for filming and promotions

  We are currently running a fundraising campaign to help spread the AYP teachings to more people in the world. We are looking to raise a total of £9,000 ($11,550) to purchase filming and editing equipment for filming AYP events and courses, and to help publicise these around the world. It will mean that some AYP events begin to be accessible via paid live-streaming in real-time, so that people at home can take part, and through paid on-demand video recordings, after they have finished. This will greatly increase the number of people who are able to access the AYP teachings around the world.   A generous supporter…

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