Fundraising for filming and promotions

  We are currently running a fundraising campaign to help spread the AYP teachings to more people in the world. We are looking to raise a total of £9,000 ($11,550) to purchase filming and editing equipment for filming AYP events and courses, and to help publicise these around the world. It will mean that some AYP events begin to be accessible via paid live-streaming in real-time, so that people at home can take part, and through paid on-demand video recordings, after they have finished. This will greatly increase the number of people who are able to access the AYP teachings around the world.   A generous supporter…

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Making the public AYP lessons more available

Over the last few years, many people have asked if it would be possible to make the AYP lessons available on a modern website, which is mobile-friendly.  We are now in the process of adding the AYP lessons to this website, which is mobile-responsive. It will mean that people around the world can have better access to the AYP lessons for free, as a lot of people have mobile phones, but not computers. The first 184 main lessons by Yogani are now available in a mobile-friendly format on this website here. Main lessons

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